Two days ago the Royal Hobart Hospital called me in to say they’d arranged an emergency admission for me. Apparently I had a potentially life-threatening infection. Within 24 hours ‘potentially life-threatening’ was downgraded to ‘mild’, but clearly the Universe was at work for me.

Friday turned out to be Canteen’s Bandanna Day. As the team came through the oncology ward distributing bandannas, I said,  just on the off- chance, that I’d been thinking of contacting them, as I’d written a book about living with cancer that apparently resonated with young people.

And here’s the serendipitous thing: unknown to me, the woman I was speaking to was Sandi Doherty, Canteen’s State Manager. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘That’s such a great coincidence. We’re in the process of setting up a Canteen library.

How awesome, if my book should be included in that library!

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  1. What an opportune coincidence! Such a wonderful resource for other patients to hear from someone else living with cancer.
    Contacting other organisations about your book to help others is a terrific idea.

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