The Light in the Darkness Musings on Living With Cancer by Jo St Leon

The Light in the Darkness: Musings on living with cancer

The Light in the Darkness is the book I wish I could have found when I first received my cancer diagnosis.

With this collection of reflections and personal essays I share my experiences, my darkest moments and my greatest joys. I tell of the journey from fear and denial to acceptance and a determination to live my best life. I share my deepest thoughts and feelings, with the hope that readers will say, ‘ Oh, that’s how I felt too…’

My wish for this book is that it will become a companion to many as they navigate dark times.


“The Light in the Darkness is a profound and beautifully written collection of personal essays and reflections on Jo’s experience with cancer. That quirky voice laced with humour and wisdom is very much her own, and will certainly appeal to readers.
Rosie Dub, author

Congratulations, Jo. I’ve just finished reading it and am so inspired by your writing. I hope you stay safe and well and continue to put down your thoughts and feelings onto paper, so that we can share them with you.”
Ken Graham, cancer survivor


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Jo St Leon, Author

Publication Date

August 25, 2021